About Our Business
Lamp Factory has been manufacturing and selling lamps for 24

We strive to provide great style, quality and value to our

Our company is owned by Raymond and Elizabeth Doster of
Unadilla, GA.  As a family-owned company, we feel a sense of
responsibility to provide our customers with great product and
exceptional service.  

Most of our porcelain lamps are assembled in our Georgia
factory.  We use only the highest quality parts including solid
brass, lacquered heavy duty harps and bull necks.  Brass caps
and finials are solid brass and lacquered.  We feature three way
switches, and all lamps are tested before shipment.  

Lamp Factory is proud to manufacture lamps for some of the
country's best retailers, museums and mail order catalogs.  
These customers include Colonial Williamsburg Foundation,

Mount Vernon,  
 Winterthur Museum and Gardens, National
Wildlife Federation, Preservation Society of Historic Newport,
HomeDepot.com, Touchstone, Camellia & Main and Country
House to name a few.  Many of our customers require custom
product which we develop to their specifications.  We are very
proud of our product and the customers we serve, and we
hope to fulfill your decorative lighting needs.  
About Lamp Factory
US 41 SOUTH OR I-75, EXIT 121
PO BOX 788
478.627.3768/478.627.9212 FAX